Winter Travel

One years ago winter vacation, I went Newyork. This city was very busy, but I was satisfied with culture.  Before I went. I was worry about this city. Because I heard something for satisfaction to Koera, but I went city not bad. People were kind and foods good. Journey time I make many friends. They has wit and humors. I traveled many place for Newyork. It was very interesting, because I saw a first time musical and drank sake(Japanese linquar). Finally I came home. I want to go this city, because I love people and manythings.

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My Life

Sometimes I am thinking. ‘What about is my life? What do I want major? What is my dream?’ Not easy. I am dreaming about many things, and I have lots of curiosity. People said to me. “Why do you have 3 majors? Aren’t you tired?” I said. “That’s OK! No problem. I love it!” I think many many things, so my future is infinity studying everything. For example I am studying medical, art, math and so on. If I dead for a few minutes, I want to study manythings.

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Using Cellphone

 We have most people cellphones. This is using like game machine.

It was using like computer. Serching Internet, writing a word and so on.

Sometime it was using similar to camera and watching movie.

It is very useful machine, so many people are using their cellphones

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My Favorite Music

I like music. Singing and playing instruments and so on, but my favorite music is “I can sing” and ” listen good”, so I like many genre, but my favorite genre is K-pop, Ballad and R&B. The first genre K-pop reason is popular, so I can sing easier than another song. I’m sometimes humming this song. A second genre is ballad. This genre has a mood. Many times this genre has fall into their mine, so I can’t conscious mood. The final genre is R&B. This has many technic, so sometimes I have a sign of admiration. Another genre so special, but I love 3 genre very much.


Have a nice weekends!!

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Meeting Jung Yak-yong

One person who has died already, but whom I would like to meet and chat wit is Mr. Jung. There are three reasons why I would like to meet face to face and share a conversation with politics and so on.

The first reason is politics. He is a secret royal inspector, so he find many illegality and corruption. Low-abiding citizens have a lots of pains. He is a light for one, so I want to meet him.  A second reason is making a lots of books. He is good writer for literatures, so he makes lots of books. Sometimes we read a book. This book writer is him. His theory is good and advanced. The final reason is science. He is a good scientist. He make a lots of agricultural methods, so many farmers pursue his methods. Except for manythings he is good person for disposition, capacity and so on, so I want to meet him.


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The 31th March

Which three countries in the world would you most like to visit for the first time, and why? The country I most want to visit first, is Sudan, because my teacher lived in this country. He is a doctor and a father. He serve a patient people. I want to serve many people for him, so I want to go to Sudan. I would also really like to visit Egypt, because, Egypt has a lots of history. I like history and culture. Egypt is different from Korea, so I want to talk and to experience manythings, for examples foods, cloths, drink and so on. Finally, one day I would like to go to Canada, because I like winter. Canada is locate in the northern hemisphere, so I see manytimes snowy.  If I have a chane, I want to take a job.

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Tuesday, the 29th of March

1. Lastweekend I expected myself to be boring, and it was, because I had lots of class, but it was not, because afternoon class was canceled, so I was very happy. Last day night I had lots of homework, So I slept a few hours.

I expected myself  to be normal, and it was, because everyweekends are same pattern for me, so I think normal weekends, but it was not, because I went to travel 담양. I ride a bike, and I moved many location.

2. Until yesterday, I expected my normal quiz to be good, and it was, because I learn ESL course about 1 month, so I can learn a little part of a book, but it was not, because it is difficult something my think, and something is easy.

3. Soon, We will go to a Nepalese restaurant for our class dinner. I expect it to be delicious, because I can’t eat Nepalese food, so I expect this food spicy and soury, but friday night I have a class for 10 pm. I can’t go this restaurant, so sad.

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